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Welcome to The Black Veil guild website. It is still under construction at the moment but feel free to look around and join up. If you think you got what it takes to be a member of the black veil PM any member in game. Also, please register with the site. And please introduce your self in the cantina forum
Guild News


rellikevol, Apr 11, 12 12:52 PM.
Good afternoon guild! Penguin here to bring great news! 12 is hitting the game on Thursday! Everyone get ready to build your legacy! I am sure all of us are excited for the update. Good thing I have a 3 day weekend to play with it.

In other news, we have started getting level 50s! Every level 50 who wishes to participate in OPS NEEDS to be doing their daily quests. These will give you purple modifications and best in slot ear pieces and implants that will be basically required to be able to take down the OPS bosses. Also, get a group and make sure you do the heroic dailies. They reward you with 3 commendations and a very powerful purple mod that is BIND ON EQUIP! If you already have all the mods you need, feel free to donate them to the other 50's if you would like to help them out (or sell them for a lot of credits. Your choice.).

Also, I was approached about doing some of the world raid bosses. I would love to start trying to tackle some of these. I think the obvious progression of these bosses will be the order they appear. The first world boss is called "The First" and he is on Dromond Kaas. He is easily soloed if you are above level 30, but the other world bosses can require up to 16 people to kill. Please comment or message me if you would like to participate.

Last time I checked, we have over 45 members. Great job everyone! I love seeing our guild grow and I will be purchasing us a 15 man vent soon. Eventually I will upgrade from 15, but I want to see how many people participate in vent since I seem to be paying for the whole thing. Donations will be accepted if you would like to help. Just PM me and we can figure out a way to donate money.


rellikevol, Mar 29, 12 9:03 PM.
Hello guildies. How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I have a favor to ask from all of you. If you have any comments or suggestions for the guild, please do not hesitate to PM any officer or me. Alternatively, you can easily comment to this post. All comments will be taken into consideration. I may be the guildmaster, but this guild belongs to all of us. I do not want to be a dictator. I would rather us all agree and participate in the running of the guild.

Now onto other news.

We are currently sitting at 29 members. Good job! We have gained a few more in the week, but we need even more. Friends, family, strangers - all are welcome. If you do a flashpoint or quests with random people, ask them to join our guild if they are guildless. We only ask that our guild members be polite.

Update 1.2 will be hitting us sometime in April. If we are lucky, it will be April 3rd. Guildwise, the main thing we need to think about is guild bank. I hear the guild bank is going to be very complex and able to be customized. Ie, you may be able to choose different layouts for each tab as needed. I will happily accept comments on how we think the guild bank should be set up. Also, I am positive that the guild bank will be like our inventory and bank. It will be expandable. I have been building money to help expand our bank as large as we possibly can, but I would love if we could donate spare credits to help pay for the extra tabs. If you would like to help donate, please do not send me any credits. Instead wait until the guild bank is set up and then donate the credits directly into the bank.

Guild Goals 3/25/2012

rellikevol, Mar 25, 12 2:52 PM.
Greetings everyone! Our guild is a little over a week old and we are sitting at 26 members. Good job on the recruiting but we need more. If you know anyone who needs a guild, invite them, or have another member invite them. I would love for us to have a large member count so guild chat is always a place that is active. Plus, the more members we get the easier it will be on us later when we do end-game content. Keep up the good work.

Second, the forums are open to any members and any topics are open for discussion. Only rule is to be polite and respectful. Feel free to post pictures if you would like, as long as they are appropriate. Remember, not everyone here is an adult!

Third, please fill out the Crew Skills tab and the Roster tab with your character information. Do not worry too much if it is 100% accurate, you can always update it later when it is finalized. This will just help everyone see what we have and what we need.

Finally, if we can get more members, I will be happy to consider a vent for us to speak in.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Anubbis, Mar 25, 12 9:01 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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